Tuesday, 19 May 2015

4 (Hopefully) Helpful Tips For Getting Out Of A Reading Slump

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've had a lot going on in and out of school that's got in the way of both my reading and my blogging.

For those of you that are friends with me on Goodreads, you may have noticed that I haven't gotten a lot of reading done in the past week or so. This was because I had fallen into an unforeseen reading slump that I thought I would never get out of. Thankfully, I have miraculously found my way out of that pit of despair and loneliness. But before I get back to reading into the early hours of the morning, I thought I would share with you some (hopefully) helpful tips for getting out of a reading slump if are ever unfortunate enough to fall into its clutches.

Tip #1: Change your reading environment. 

Do you usually read inside? Try an hour or two in the sun or under the comforting shade of a tree. If the weather outside isn't suitable for you or your book, sit by a window or in another room.
Do you usually listen to music while you read? Try a new playlist or turn it off for a while. The silence may seem daunting at first, but it can sometimes help you get more immersed in the story.
(Try typing the name of the book you're reading into 8tracks. Chances are someone has already made a playlist specifically for the book/series)

Tip #2: Change book genres. 

Trying something new and unfamiliar can give your brain the boost you desperately need. Who knows, you may also awaken a passion for a genre, series or author you never expected to love. (While trying to get out of my most recent reading slump, I took a break from fantasy and dabbled in some Canadian classics that my teacher recommended. I didn't necessarily love them, but their complexity encouraged me to focus more on what I was reading and I managed to get much more invested in what I was reading than I was before.)

Tip #3: Change the medium on which you read. 

Do you usually read on your ereader? Try switching to something physical. Maybe even experiment with audiobooks. (Get audiobooks from your local library on find them for free online. I suggest trying theaudiobookbay.) If you usually read physical books, try ebooks. Whether you have an ereader doesn't matter. You can always download ereader apps on your phone or iPod.

Tip #4: Step away from books for a while. 

Gasp. While saying that may be considered to be an act of heresy to some, it has to be said. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about a reading slump. Just step away from the books for a day or two and try not to worry. Reading isn't a race or any other sort of competition. The books will always be there for you when you get back. I promise.

Hopefully you find one or more of these tips to be helpful whether you or someone you love is suffering the affliction that is a reading slump. Do you have any tips for getting out of a reading slump that isn't mentioned above? If so, comment down below!

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